School Reach is now School Messenger

The School Reach system that Orangeville School District uses to send automated phone calls, emails, and texts has been purchased by School Messenger.  You should have received a phone test broadcast from School Messenger on Thursday, Sept. 17th.  If you provided an email, you should have received an email as well.  If you did not receive this broadcast, please contact the either school office to let us know.  When the conversion happened, all numbers assigned to a student were entered into the same list, without a way for us to know what had previously been the designated ‘lunch’ line.  Please also let the school know if there are changes or additions to the phone numbers or email addresses the Messenger should contact, or if the lunch messages are going to the wrong number(s).  

We will soon be able to send information via text message.  The text messages sent by School Messenger are SMS broadcasts, which stands for Short Message Service.  The School Messenger short code is 68453, and this is the number that will show up when a text broadcast is sent out.  Before you can receive information via text, you must opt-in to the text messaging.  First, your cell phone number must be one already included in the system (the numbers you gave us on the “School Reach/Messenger” form at registration), so if you wish to add a number, contact the school.  Then you must also text the word Yes to 68453.  Without this step, you will not receive text notifications from Orangeville School District.  If you wish to opt-in to text messages, please do this by October 9th. 

If you have questions, please contact either school office.  Thank you for your patience while any “bugs” get worked out during the transition.

FHN Miles & Minutes

Thank you to everyone who logged their physical on FHN’s Miles & Minutes Summer Fitness Program. Orangeville finished 2nd place in both categories. For the final results go to the website here.


All registration forms can be found under Information Center – Forms – Registration Documents. If you have questions, please contact either building secretary.


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