Speech Co-Op

Orangeville is part of the Speech Co-Op with Lena-Winslow High School.  Information about the speech team & schedule can be found on their webpage here.

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The Orangeville members of the Le-Win/Orangeville co-op speech team: [L-R] Noah Asche, Justin Malone, Lucas Boomgarden, and Sierra Hildebrand.

Highlights of the 2016-17 Season:

*Justin Malone finished 4th in Radio Speaking, and the Dramatic Duet Acting team of Sierra Hildebrand and Lucas Boomgarden finished in 11th place at the Huntley Sectional Speech Tournament on February 11th.

Speech Regional Justin2

Congratulations to Justin Malone for his tournament championship in radio speaking, earned at Saturday’s Freeport Regional Speech Tournament. Justin advances to the Huntley Sectional Speech Tournament to be held next Saturday, Feb. 11.

*Results from the Feb. 4 IHSA Freeport Regional Speech Tournament:
Overall Team Ranking: 3rd out of 11 (This is our 8th top 5 finish in the past 9 years). The following students are advancing to the Huntley Sectional Speech Tournament:
Humorous Duet Acting: Asa Lake & Eiley MacDougall (2nd place)
Humorous Interpretation: Asa Lake (4th place)
Impromptu: Hope Enck (1st place)
Original Comedy: John Jurkovic (3rd place)
Poetry: Adisyn Hoff (4th place)
Radio: Justin Malone (1st place)
Special Occasion Speaking: Adisyn Hoff (3rd place)

*Justin Malone had a 4th place finish in Radio Speaking and Sierra Hildebrand & Lucas Boomgarden got a 7th place award in Dramatic Duet Acting at the Jefferson High School Speech Tournament on January 28th.

Speech Regional

Members of the Le-Win/Orangeville Speech team that competed at the Regional held at Freeport High.

*Justin Malone had a 5th place finish in Radio Speaking at the Waubonsie Valley Speech Tournament on January 14th.

*Justin Malone earned a first place award in radio speaking at the Saturday, January 7th Le-Win/Orangeville speech tournament. Also, placing 6th in Dramatic Duet Acting were Sierra Hildebrand and Lucas Boomgarden!

Speech LW-O tourn

Members of the team at the Le-Win/Orangeville Speech Tournament held Jan. 7 at Lena-Winslow High School.

*Justin Malone received a 3rd place varsity award at the Dec. 17th Byron Speech Tournament.  Also participating were Noah Asche and Lucas Boomgarden.

*Justin Malone had a 6th place Varsity finish in Radio Speaking at the Rochelle Speech Tournament on Saturday, Dec. 10th. Also participating were Noah Asche, Lucas Boomgarden, and Sierra Hildebrand.

Speech Rochelle

Pictured here are the Le-Win/Orangeville award winners (from left) Justin Malone, Adisyn Hoff, Mollee Brumfield, and Alec Aurand at the Rochelle Speech Tournament.

Highlights of the 2015-16 Season:

* Justin Malone had an 8th place finish in Radio Speaking at the Rochelle Novice/JV Speech Tournament Nov. 21st

Speech Team

Members of the Le-Win/Orangeville speech team at the Rochelle Tournament.

 * Justin Malone had a 6th place varsity finish in radio speaking at the Dec. 5th DeKalb Speech Tournament. There were 47 competitors in his category.

* Justin Malone earned a 4th place finish in Radio Speaking at the Rochelle Speech Tournament Saturday Dec. 12th.

Speech Dec 19

Justin Maline, Lucas Boomgarden, and Noah Asche looking serious at the Byron Tournament.

*Noah Asche placed 3rd at the Byron Speech Tournament, held December 19. Justin Malone also won a 4th place award.

*Noah Asche got a 3rd place award and Lucas Boomgarden a 6th place award at the Le-Win/Orangeville Speech Tournament held in Lena on January 11th.

*Justin Malone earned a 1st place finish in Radio Speaking at the January 30th Rockford Auburn Speech Tournament.

Byron speech tournament

Team at Byron Speech Regional

*Lucas Boomgarden & Justin Malone competed at the Regional Speech tournament in Byron on February 6th, and Justin advanced on to the Sectional competition.

Dramatic Duet Acting: 3rd (advanced to Sectionals)
Dramatic Interpretation: 4th (advanced to Sectionals)
Extemporaneous: 4th (advanced to Sectionals)
Humorous Duet Acting: 5th
Humorous Interpretation: 6th
Impromptu: 4th (advanced to Sectionals)
Informative: 6th
Oratorical Declamation: 6th
Original Comedy: 6th
Original Oratory: 6th
Poetry: 7th
Radio: 2nd (advanced to Sectionals)
Special Occasion Speaking: 6th

As a team, the Le-Win/Orangeville co-op finished 5th out of 9 teams, which is the 7th top five finish in the past 8 years!

*OHS freshmen, Justin Malone, finished 4th at the 2016 Freeport Sectional Speech Competition, one ranking away from advancing to the State Tournament.  This is the highest ranking of any freshmen from either co-op school, Lena-Winslow or Orangeville, in the program’s history.  Congratulations Justin!!

Justin Sectional

Justin Malone 4th place at Freeport Sectional

*Congratulations to Orangeville freshman Justin Malone on winning the Bright Star Award, given to a promising high school freshman drama student at the 11th Annual Voice Awards held at Freeport’s Masonic Temple on Wednesday, May 4. Justin receives a scholarship at the prestigious Timberlake Playhouse Theater Camp this summer.

Bright Star award

Bright Star Award won by Justin Malone