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1000 Career Pts AG

Congratulations to Austin Guy for scoring his 1000th career point at Warren on Tuesday, Jan. 24th!!

High School Boys:

We are so proud of you boys! First Regional Championship since 1991!! Great job!  Here are some links to the Journal Standard articles about the Regional Win, Sectional game, and fan support.





2016-17 OHS Boys Basketball Roster

Date Team Start Time Vars. W/L
21-Nov at River Ridge Turkey Tournament vs. Scales Md. Vars 6:00 JV 7:30 W 67-40
22-Nov at River Ridge Turkey Tournament vs. River Ridge JV 5:00 Vars 7:30 L 43-68
23-Nov at River Ridge Turkey Tournament vs. Pearl City Vars 6:00 JV 7:30 W 46-45 in OT!
25-Nov at River Ridge Turkey Tournament vs. E. Dubuque Vars 3:00 JV 4:30 L 29-47
28-Nov vs Galena 6:00 W 60-33
29-Nov vs East Dubuque 6:00  L 25-42
2-Dec vs Forreston 6:00 L 42-58
5-Dec at Lena 6:00 L 32-40
8-Dec vs Amboy 6:00 W 66-51
10-Dec Forreston Holiday Tournament vs. Byron 12:30  W 67-57
12-Dec Forreston Holiday Tournament vs. Polo 6:00 W 82-66
15-Dec Forreston Holiday Tournament semi-final vs. Winnebago 6:30  L 50-75
16-Dec Forreston Holiday Tournament vs. Aquin 5:00  L 34-54
5-Jan at Milledgeville 6:00  L 34-57
10-Jan vs Dakota 6:00  W 51-50
13-Jan vs Aquin 6:00 W 76-75
19-Jan at Durand 6:00 W 75-57
21-Jan at Pecatonica 6:00  W 46-40
25-Jan at Warren 6:00  W 59-57
27-Jan at Dakota 6:00  W 48-47
30-Jan at Pearl City 6:00 L 30-41
1-Feb vs Durand 6:00 W 55-31
2-Feb at Aquin 6:00  L 38-62
11-Feb vs Pec 6:00  W 49-35
14-Feb vs AFC (Senior Night) 6:00  L 56-72
17-Feb at Polo 6:00 L 47-59
21-Feb at Elgin (Westminster Christian) Regional vs. Elgin  Academy 6:00  W 62-43
 22-Feb at Elgin (Westminster Christian) Regional vs. Rockford Christian Life School 7:30 W 70-68
24-Feb at Elgin (Westminster Christian) Regional vs. Westminster Christian  – Regional Championship game 7:00  W 55-53
28-Feb at Pecatonica Sectional vs. East Dubuque – first round game 7:00 L 38-48

High School Girls:

We’re proud of you Lady Broncos! Click here to go to the page on the Journal Standard website to view photos of the 1A regional championship game against Aquin on 2/9/17.





2016-17 OHS Girls BB Roster

Date Team Start Time W/L
14-Nov at Warren Tourney (Varsity) vs. Warren 7:00 L 51-52
15-Nov vs Forreston 6:00 L 53-71
16-Nov at Warren Tourney (Varsity) vs. E. Dubuque 7:00 L  37-48
18-Nov at Warren Tourney (Varsity) vs. Durand 6:00 L 28-33
21-Nov at Warren Tourney (Varsity) vs. Galena 6:00  L 41-56
1-Dec vs Amboy 6:00  L 29-54
3-Dec at Milledgeville 2:00  L 35-57
10-Dec at Pearl City Tourney vs. Le-Win 6:30  W 47-42
12-Dec at Pearl City Tourney vs. Pearl City 8:00 L 44-56
14-Dec at Pearl City Tourney vs. Fulton 5:00  L 54-61
15-Dec at Pearl City Tourney vs. Dakota 6:00  L 40-47
19-Dec at Dakota 6:00  W 48-40
21-Dec at Warren 6:00  L 49-62
3-Jan vs Aquin 6:00  L 33-55
6-Jan vs Durand 6:00  W 40-36
12-Jan at Pecatonica 6:00  L 27-48
17-Jan vs Dakota 6:00 L 45-47
20-Jan at Aquin 6:00  L 40-61
23-Jan at East Dubuque 6:00 L 30-55
26-Jan at Durand 6:00 L 30-32
28-Jan vs Pecatonica 6:00  L 30-50
31-Jan vs AFC 6:00  L 37-61
3-Feb at Polo 6:00  W 52-33
6-Feb Regional at Dakota vs. Lena-Winslow 7:30  W 48-38
7-Feb Regional at Dakota vs. Alden Hebron 7:30  W 46-38
9-Feb Regional at Dakota Championship game vs. Aquin 7:00  L 47-42

Junior High Boys:

6-7th Grade:


8th Grade:


2016 OJHS Boys Basketball Roster

Date Team Start Time
24-Oct vs Lena 5:30
1-Nov at Pearl City 5:30
2-Nov at Aquin 5:30
3-Nov vs Dakota 5:30
7-Nov at Durand 5:30
9-Nov at Stockton 5:30
14-Nov vs South Beloit 5:30
15-Nov at Le-Win 5:30
17-Nov vs Forreston 5:30
21-Nov vs Aquin 5:30
28-Nov at Dakota 5:30
30-Nov vs Stockton 5:30
1-Dec at Forreston 5:00
5-Dec at South Beloit 5:30
6-Dec vs Durand 5:30
8-Dec (7th grade) Conference Tourn. @ Lena vs. South Beloit 6:45
9-Dec (8th grade) Conference Tourn. @ Lena vs. Dakota 8:00
10-Dec (8th grade) Conference Tournament @ Lena – tba
16-Dec (8th grade) at Stockton Shootout vs. Polo 6:00
17-Dec (8th grade) at Stockton Shootout – tba

Junior High Girls:

6-7th Grade:

JH GBB 6-7th

8th Grade:

JH GBB 8th

2017 OJHS Girls BB Roster

Date Team Start Time
12-Jan at Aquin [St. Joe’s] (8th gr. Tourn.) 6:45
14-Jan at Aqun [High School] (8th gr. Tourn) – 2 games tba
17-Jan at Le-Win [JH gym] 5:30
19-Jan vs Stockton 5:30
23-Jan *MOVED* 2/21
24-Jan at Pearl City 5:30
30-Jan vs Durand 5:30
2-Feb vs. Dakota 5:30
6-Feb vs South Beloit 5:30
9-Feb vs Le-Win  *RESCHEDULED for 2/16*
13-Feb vs Aquin 5:30
15-Feb at Stockton 5:30
16-Feb vs. Le-Win [from reschedule] 5:00
20-Feb at Dakota 5:30
21-Feb at Aquin [St. Joe’s] 5:30
23-Feb at Durand 5:30
27-Feb at South Beloit 5:30
3/2-3/4 Mar at Dakota Conference Tournament(Middle School) TBA