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High School Boys:



2018-2019 Roster High School Boys BB

Date Team Start Time Result
19-Nov at River Ridge Turkey Tourney (F/S & Varsity) vs. River Ridge 5:00 & 8:00 pm 29-70 L
21-Nov at River Ridge Turkey Tourney  (F/S & Varsity) vs. East Dubuque 6:30 & 8:00 pm 7-45 L
24-Nov at River Ridge Turkey Tourney (F/S & Varsity) vs. Galena and vs. Scales Mound 2:30 & 4:00 pm; 5:30 & 7:00 pm 24-46 L
27-Nov vs East Dubuque 6:00 pm
29-Nov at Warren [was originally Jan 4] 6:00 pm 35-41 L
1-Dec at Le-Win Shoot-Out (Varsity) vs Juda 12:00 pm 57-30 W
3-Dec vs Milledgeville 6:00 pm 41-50 L
11-Dec at Forreston 6:00 pm 5:30 pm 40-53 L
13-Dec vs Durand 6:00 pm 60-30 W
15-Dec at Forreston Tourney (Varsity) vs. Sterling Newman 6:00 pm L
17-Dec at Forreston Tourney (Varsity) vs Forreston in JH gym 6:00 pm L
19-Dec at Forreston Tourney (Varsity) vs Oregon in JH gym 5:00 pm L
20-Dec at Forreston Tourney (Varsity) vs Dakota in JH Gym 5:00 pm
21-Dec (possible) at Forreston Tourney (Varsity) vs TBA tba
27-Dec at Le-Win Tourney (F/S), vs. River Ridge, then vs. Le-Win 10:15 am

12:45 pm

28-Dec at Le-Win Tourney (F/S), vs. Winnebago, then vs. Stillman Valley 11:30 am

2:00 pm

2-Jan vs Galena 6:00 pm 42-46 L
4-Jan at Warren moved to Nov. 29 6:00 pm
8-Jan at Pecatonica 6:00 pm 47-58 L
10-Jan vs Dakota 6:00 pm 42-44 L
14-Jan at Aquin 6:00 pm 42-61 L
18-Jan at Durand 6:00 pm
24-Jan vs Pecatonica 6:00 pm
30-Jan at Dakota 6:00 pm
1-Feb vs Aquin 6:00 pm
5-Feb at Stockton 6:00 pm
7-Feb vs Amboy (Senior Night) 6:00 pm
9-Feb at Le-Win 6:00 pm
13-Feb at AFC 6:00 pm
15-Feb at Polo 6:00 pm
18-Feb Regionals TBA

High School Girls:



2018-19 HSGBB Roster

Date Team Start Time Result
13-Nov at Milledgeville 6:00 pm 26-42 L
14-Nov at Warren Tourney (Varsity) vs. Warren 7:30 pm 25-28 L
15-Nov at Warren Tourney (Varsity) vs. Durand 6:00 pm 22-38 L
19-Nov at Warren Tourney (Varsity) vs. Galena 7:30 pm
20-Nov at Warren Tourney (Varsity) vs. East Dubuque 6:00 pm 25-52  L
28-Nov vs Polo 6:00 pm  37-33 W
30-Nov at AFC 6:00 pm
4-Dec vs Dakota 6:00 pm  22-43 L
6-Dec at Pecatonica 6:00 pm  43-50 L
7-Dec at Galena 6:00 pm  11-41 L
8-Dec at Pearl City Tourney (Varsity) TBA
10-Dec at Aquin (moved from 1/23) 6:00 pm  38-62 L
14-Dec vs Aquin 6:00 pm
17-Dec vs Stockton 6:00 pm
27-Dec at Argyle Tourney (F/S & Varsity) 6:00 Vars

7:30 JV

28-Dec at Argyle Tourney (F/S & Varsity) 6:00 or 7:30 dependent on placement
9-Jan at Durand 6:00 pm  25-47 L
11-Jan at Dakota 6:00 pm  26-45 L
15-Jan vs Pecatonica 6:00 pm
23-Jan at Aquin 6:00 pm
25-Jan vs Durand 6:00 pm
26-Jan at Aquin Shoot-Out vs. Hiawatha 9:00 am
29-Jan vs Amboy (Senior Night) 6:00 pm
31-Jan at Forreston 6:00 pm 5:30
4-Feb Regionals

Junior High Boys:



2018 Jr High Boys Basketball Roster

Date Team Start Time
29-Oct vs Aquin 5:30 pm
1-Nov at Dakota 5:30 pm
5-Nov vs Durand 5:30 pm
6-Nov at Lena 5:30 pm
7-Nov vs Forreston 5:30 pm
8-Nov vs Stockton 5:30 pm
12-Nov vs South Beloit 5:30 pm
14-Nov at Stockton 5:30 pm
15-Nov at Tri-County(Park Hills Church) 5:30 pm
19-Nov at Aquin 5:30 pm
20-Nov at Pearl City 5:30 pm
26-Nov vs Dakota 5:30 pm
27-Nov @ Dakota (moved from 11/1) 5:30 pm
28-Nov at Durand 5:30 pm
3-Dec at South Beloit 5:30 pm
7-Dec JHBB Conference Tourney in Lena ** 8th 5:30 pm

7th 8:00 pm

8-Dec JHBB Conference Tourney in Lena ** tba depending on win/loss
Gate is $3 adult, $2 student 

Junior High Girls:

6/7th grade:


8th grade:


2019 Jr High Girls Basketball Roster

Date Game Start Time
17-Jan vs Stockton 5:30 pm
22-Jan vs Aquin 5:30 pm
28-Jan vs Durand 5:30 pm
30-Jan @ Dakota 5:30 pm
Jan 31 – Feb 2 @ Aquin Tourney (8th only) TBA
4-Feb home vs South Beloit 5:30 pm
5-Feb vs Dakota 5:30 pm
6-Feb @ Pearl City 5:30 pm
11-Feb @ Aquin 5:30 pm
12-Feb @ Durand 5:30
14-Feb @ Stockton 5:30 pm
19-Feb vs Dakotaresched for 2/5
21-Feb @ Durand moved to 2/12
25-Feb AT South Beloit 5:30 pm
26-Feb vs Pearl City 5:30 pm
Feb 28-March 2nd Conference Tourney at Dakota TBA