2018 OAA Vball Registration Form 4th & 5th Grade

OAA Flag Football Registration Form 2018 4th & 5th Grade

OAA-Flag-Football-Registration-Form 2018 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

OAA Spirit Squad Registration Form 6th – 8th Grade


2018-19 Committee Members:

Ruthie Komprood – 815-297-4244
Joy Roth – 815-821-2835
Kayla Rodebaugh – 815-821-3791
Cheyanne Doyle (volleyball coordinator) 815-291-4203
Jackie Guy (basketball coordinator) 815-275-8112
Ray Baker (softball coordinator) 815-541-7910
Adam Scherer (baseball coordinator) 815-821-2048
Brook Lillge (spirit squad coordinator) brooklillge@gmail.com

Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Brush Creek Golf Course.


Website: leaguelineup.com/orangevilleathleticassociation

Email: orangevilleathleticassociation@gmail.com